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A few years ago I was having a Sunday lunch with an AA friend. We had spent a fair amount of time together doing AA commitments and we had the same sponsor. We had a lot of parking lot discussions on AA, life, and just generally shooting the shit. We shared many of the same struggles with both drinking and the AA program.

During the ‘god discussion’ (it came up often with us) at our lunch we came to the topic of my atheism. My friend declared ‘Jack, atheists just want to do what they want to do’. My friend was an educated, well-spoken, and rather accomplished individual. I was taken aback. *blink* *blink* *stare*.

I know many in the AA program and many theists believe his statement on atheist morality. So, a friend, a man that knew me, an AA, a man that I had helped, and who had helped me—says this to me and he believes it.

It was an important moment in my growth. The idea that it was time to move on, from AA, from an ideology that I did not believe in, crystallized.